City Forest Renewal: Upland

City of Upland

The City of Upland, in the Southern California Inland Empire region became an early partner in the City Forest Renewals Project. The city has a large demographic of mature trees. Furthermore, many of the American sweetgum trees are in decline due to drought and pests. This project comes to the city at a tremendous time, in an effort to shift the discussion from tree removals to urban forest expansion. 

DAC/SDAC Maps – Upland

Disadvantages Communities (DACs) & Severely Disadvantaged Communities (SDAC) are determined by Median Household Income Data. Projects funded through Prop 68 funding require a majority of funds to go to DACs/SDACs.

Tree Removals 

The City of Upland removed dead/diseased/hazardous trees from their City through the City Forest Renewals program. The map represents the location in which trees were removed. 

Tree Replacements 

In exchange for grant-funded removals, the City of Upland will plant two trees for every one tree removed. In recent years, Upland has done a great job at utilizing its annual Arbor Day as a tree planting event to benefit the community and maintain Tree City USA’s status. 

When trees are planted and data is collected, maps will be uploaded.