City Forest Renewal: Santa Ana

City of Santa Ana

The City of Santa Ana is located in Orange County, adjacent to the southside of Anaheim. It is the second largest city by population in Orange County. The City of Santa ana manages over 50,000 trees citywide. This grant project will help mitigate potential risk that is likely to occur with such a large urban forest. The city has developed resident facing tree care information and through this project, the public will get a better understanding of the city’s effort to maintain a healthy urban forest.

DAC/SDAC Map – City of Santa Ana

Disadvantages Communities (DACs) & Severely Disadvantaged Communities (SDAC) are determined by Median Household Income Data. Projects funded through Prop 68 funding require a majority of funds to go to DACs/SDACs.

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Trees Removed through City Forest Renewal

Trees were removed throughout the city. Identifying removals is a collaborative process between the city and our grant partners. Specifically for this grant, removals can only be done if they pose a risk or are diseased and declining. 

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Tree Replacements

In exchange for grant funded removals, the City of Santa Ana will plant two trees for every one tree removed. In recent years, much of Santa Ana’s focus has been on managing the existing urban forest.

When trees are planted and data is collected, the map will be updated.

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