The Invest From the Ground Up Campaign has teamed up with cities throughout Southern California to improve the long term health of our Urban Forests. The City Forest Renewal Project (CFR), funded through CAL FIRE’s Urban Forest and Community Grant program will be removing trees that are dead or posing a risk. Any tree removed will be replaced with two more trees planted in the city. We will also be working with our partner cities to improve the management of their urban forest, beyond the lifetime of this grant!

About City Forest Renewal

What does this program consist of?

CFR has four main goals which feed into the central theme of improving the long term health of our urban forests.

  1. Remove diseased, dead, or high-risk trees from each partner City.
  2. Partner City plants, waters, and maintains trees at a 2:1 ratio – for every one tree removed, two new trees planted.
  3. Institutionalize policy changes for a healthier, lower-risk urban forest.
  4. Educate community members on why trees are removed, as well as pest and drought challenges.

Why is this program important?

86% of Americans now live in urban centers. Residents and communities are gravitating towards city centers. With that movement, it is important to maintain a healthy, low-risk, robust urban forest for our communities. 

Planting trees helps clean air, clean water, reduce noise pollution, encourage outdoor activity, and many other benefits.

By removing trees through grant funding, Cities are able to use funding previously allocated for removals to re-plant new trees or increase their maintenance budget.

When Cities commit to planting trees, they are committing to provide their current and future residents with a healthier environment to live, work, and play! 

What cities are partnered on this program?

This program targets Cities with trees that have been impacted by the Invasive Shot Hole Borer, drought, other pests, and disease. The program’s current partners are the Cities of Corona, Covina, Pomona, Santa Ana, and Upland.

Most of the IFTGU campaigns are state-wide. For this project, we focused on areas impacted by pests such as Xylella &  the Invasive Shot Hole Borer. Learn more here.

How is it determined which trees are removed?

Trees removed for this project MUST be either diseased and declining, dead, or posing a risk to the community.

This program does not remove healthy, low-risk trees from the urban forest.

Each tree is chosen by the City for evaluation of eligibility to remove trees through this program. A certified Arborist then goes to evaluate the trees to determine if they are eligible. 

What kind of policy changes will help urban forests be healthier?

Current tree related policies or municipal codes are being reviewed by the CFR team. We are evaluating in comparison to an adapted version of the California Joint Powers Authority Tree Inspection and Maintenance policies, which are coherent with industry standards. After establishing a baseline of where the City’s current policies stand, we will provide recommendations to lower the risk of the urban forest. 

Partner Cities all sign an agreement prior to beginning the project. In the agreement, the follow through for policy change is incorporated. 


How is CFR making the project visible to the community?

This program has partnered with each City to ensure the project is given awareness to the public through current City media channels such as social media, NextDoor, City Manager Newsletters, etc.

During the City’s Arbor Day Celebration, we will be hosting a CFR booth to discuss the program and the steps towards a healthier urban forest. Education materials will include tree benefits, ISHB material, and other items for the CFR project. 

Prior to removing trees from each City, and after evaluation of trees, Tree Wraps will be posted around the trees to be removed. This Tree Wrap is intended for pedestrian traffic who may not be connected to other media channels. 


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Benefits of Urban Forests

A healthy urban forests is good for local air quality. 

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Where we are working

City Forest Renewal is working in five cities:

  • Corona
  • Covina
  • Pomona
  • Santa Ana
  • Upland


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